Bellingham Football

The most exciting football in Bellingham comes from the town’s minor league team the Bellingham Bulldogs! The team is a local, not-for-profit organization that focuses on creating a positive environment for young men. The Bulldogs focus on intellectual, physical, and social growth for the players on the team. The Bulldogs are extremely community-oriented, giving back to those who sponsor and support them throughout the football season. The Bulldogs really bring a new level of passion to the sport, representing their community with pride. There is also a youth-version of the Bulldogs, as well!

Bellingham also proudly supports the Seattle Seahawks, 2014’s Superbowl Championship team. The city is located slightly less than two hours from CenturyLink Field, therefore you can often find Bellingham locals rooting for the Hawks¬†during game days and throughout the season.