Bellingham Restaurants

The Bellingham restaurant scene is one of the most diverse in the Pacific Northwest. It’s rare to find a smaller community with such a variety of high quality dining options. With Puget Sound at its door step, seafood and fish are available at reasonable prices and prepared in the unique Northwest style. is dedicated to providing its visitors with up to date restaurant reviews and dining options. You will be hard pressed to not find the cuisine that you desire most. Keep checking back as our list of Bellingham restaurants is growing by the day. One of the wonderful things about Bellingham is the variety of restaurants offered throughout the city. As you walk through Fairhaven or downtown Bellingham you might notice an array of locally owned, colorful restaurants each with their own unique character, lining the streets.

Fairhaven Restaurants

Fairhaven is the famed historic district on the south side of town which overlooks the bay. The southern portion of Bellingham with its towering brick buildings make home for popular restaurants such as the Colophon Café, the Harris Avenue Café, Avenue Bread, Skylark’s, Mambo Italiano, Win’s Drive-In, A.W. Asian Bistro, Dirty Dan Harris, Dos Padres, On Rice, Jalapeños among other local favorites.

Centrally located in Fairhaven, the Colophon Café is attached to Village Books and has quirky character and homemade taste complete with great soups and sandwiches, desserts, and local ice-cream. The restaurant pays tribute to its long time mascot, Mama Colophon, who just so happens to be a dairy cow in tennis shoes.

About twenty paces up the street, Harris Avenue Café serves superb breakfast. The restaurant shares the building with Tony’s Coffee which is a habitual hangout for locals desiring exceptional espresso drinks and a good space for reading the newspaper.

Avenue Bread is a busy hot spot serving splendid baked goods and sandwiches, unlike any you have had before. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch daily with fresh ingredients and pastries baked each morning.

Skylarks, Dos Padres, and Win’s Drive-In are restaurants that have grown and developed with Bellingham in Fairhaven, ranking as favorites for several decades.

Mambo Italiano smells delicious as soon as you walk through the doors. You’ll likely catch a glimpse of a cook tossing pizza dough into the air. The restaurant offers unique pizza recipes, traditional Italian dishes, and showcases local artists on the walls.

On Rice and Jalapeños are chain restaurants exclusive to Bellingham. Both are well-loved in Fairhaven and the larger Bellingham community.

Downtown Bellingham Restaurants

Downtown Bellingham has equally enticing restaurants to explore. Threaded between shops, many local restaurants possess delicious secrets to lure in passing appetites. Some great Bellingham favorites for breakfast include AB Crepes, Little Cheerful, the Mount Bakery, The Bagelry, Diamond Jim’s, Arlis’s Restaurant, Old Town Café and Homeskillet. Old Town Café and the Mount Bakery serve a majority of organic ingredients.

Dinner downtown in Bellingham will always be a pleasant and taste bud affirming experience. Some of the best restaurants to go for lunch or dinner are La Fiamma Woodfire Pizza, Bayou on Bay, Boundary Bay Brewery, Wasabee Sushi, Taco Lobo, Fiamma Burger, Soy House, Rock and Rye Oyster House, D’ Anna’s, and the Pepper Sisters.

If you still have room after dinner, Mallard Ice Cream is among the greatest ice cream in the world, or at least in Bellingham. Nationally acclaimed, the ice cream shop perfects unusual recipes that have daring flavors such as lemon pepper, rose, lavender, cayenne, avocado, jalapeño, basil, and seasonal flavors like pumpkin.

Are you feeling hungry yet?

One thing’s for sure; there is no shortage of good restaurants in Bellingham!