Bellingham Lots & Acreage

vacantlandBellingham acreage is easier to find than one might think. While many areas of the city have been developed for over a century, construction in other neighborhoods is just beginning. In these areas of Bellingham, acreage is affordable and a smart purchase.

Houses constructed on Bellingham acreage are quite desirable. The large yards are perfect for impromptu games of baseball, a personal garden, or even as a place to raise horses. While many Bellingham homes are built on relatively large lots, acreage allows for a level of peace and quiet not found in most developed neighborhoods.

Bellingham acreage is also perfect for builders. Zoned carefully by the environmentally-conscious City of Bellingham, developers cannot allow homes or commercial buildings to sprawl over valuable land. Instead, growth is planned so that lots can be developed in the most responsible way. In Bellingham, acreage is available for equally community-minded developers to create homes and jobs while respecting the region’s unique setting.

The Guide Meridian neighborhood offers a great deal of Bellingham acreage with enormous potential. Zoned for commercial, industrial, and multi-family housing, the area is both a developer’s and a resident’s dream. With every convenience at hand, the Guide Meridian is perfect for those who want to have everything within walking distance. Apartment hunters and condominium buyers are flocking to the area, and housing construction continues to be necessary in order to keep up with the area’s growth.

The Samish neighborhood has even more available acreage. Located in south Bellingham, acreage can be purchased, subdivided, and sold; used to build an incredible home with plenty of space to roam; or simply held until you can figure how best to use it (at which time the price will have undoubtedly increased, if you decide to sell your Bellingham acreage).

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