Bellingham Condominiums

Bellingham’s growth is something of a chicken and egg situation: is the real estate market thriving because so many people want to relocate to Bellingham, or are people moving here because of the attractive real estate market? Whatever the reason, Bellingham has undergone enormous growth in the last decade: a population increase of a whopping 12% since 2000, and a demand for property that has caused the Bellingham condominium market to flourish. Also since the year 2000, the price of an average Bellingham condo has doubled, though there are still condos within the $100,000 price range.

One must consider several factors when purchasing a condo. Will you be living in your condo or renting it out to tenants? Does the atmosphere of this particular condo complex suit your lifestyle? Do you want to pay extra for amenities like a pool or exercise room? Other considerations will impact the price as well: corner suites, desirable views, and of course the type of neighborhood.

There are a wide selection of condos in Bellingham with a variety of designs and locations: from downtown high-rise condos with spectacular views to low-rise condos nestled among forests and parks. Price and size vary as well, from the $100,000 range for a few hundred square feet to over $1 million for luxury condos of up to 5,000 square feet. Finding the right condo can be a daunting task, but the Home 4 Investment Team is here to help you with every step along the way.

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