Bellingham Commercial Real Estate

commercialAs the historic waterfront area is undergoing its major transformation, Bellingham commercial real estate is thriving. This revitalization has brought on a surge of new construction downtown, while residents and property owners have seen a marked increase in their property values. Much of this growth is due to Bellingham’s increasing popularity as a relocation destination. A wave of new residents has increased demand for housing and residential space, and subsequently turned many people into investors, as the demand for rental properties has also increased.

It’s no wonder so many people and businesses are drawn here; Bellingham’s location is truly remarkable. Nestled between the towering Cascade Mountains and the sparkling north Puget Sound, with the emerald San Juan Islands in the distance, Bellingham is a beautiful expanse of land with enormous potential.

Bellingham Development

Major plans currently in the works include a new state-of-the-art marina, a waterfront expansion of Western Washington University, creation of parks, and public greenspace – which will also increase property values – plus, the City’s plans call for “a new city neighborhood with homes, shops, offices and light industry, as well as parks and promenades, [and] a healthy shoreline habitat along Bellingham Bay…” This major redevelopment project is specifically designed to foster smaller, independent business and commercial opportunities, thus creating a symbiosis of top-down and grass-roots initiatives.

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