Scotty Browns

3101 Newmarket Street Bellingham, WA 98226

Phone: 360-306-8823


Scotty Browns has certainly established itself as a Bellingham staple. The posh restaurant and lounge has become one of the best happy hours, date spots, and business meetups since its doors first opened a few short years ago. Scotty Browns focuses on creating a relaxed nature, fitting right in with the Bellingham mold, though they also offer a sleekly-designed interior, making patrons feel slightly more “big city” than other restaurants in town. Scotty Browns serves simple foods with the freshest ingredients — you will always find something you like here. Enjoy pizzas, burgers, breakfast foods, and everything in between while you sip on a perfectly handcrafted cocktail. If you love bellinis, Bloody Marys, cold beer, or wine, you will always be happy at Scotty Browns. Each day hosts a different special, so pick your favorite and make a habit out of stopping in! Five dollars off of wine bottles on Wednesdays, three dollars off pitchers of beer on Fridays, mimosas for five dollars on Sundays? Scotty Browns is the best.

Locations in Barkley Village and the Bellingham International Airport!