Bellingham Loves Breweries

bb aslan

The city of Bellingham blinked and before we knew it, we were a city of breweries. Recently, a Priceonomics study named us as the “worst city to find bad beer,” or for a positive spin, a city with a great beer industry. Though the study spun Bellingham as the “snobbiest beer city” in the country, it is a badge worn with honor. 92% of bars and restaurants in Bellingham serve the big three macrobrews, diminishing the chances of finding a “cheaper” beer at your favorite bar.

Beyond all of that, it seems like Bellingham has breweries popping up all of the time. Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro was Bellingham’s first brewery. Boundary Bay was founded in 1995 by Ed Bennett and has since established itself as one of the most well known places in town. The easily recognizable hoodies can be seen all around town–and even in other cities in Washington and around the world! Though there is still a lot of love in town for Boundary Bay, it is no longer the only brewery to choose from.

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen opened in 2008, contributing to Bellingham’s great beer scene. Besides serving up great beer and friendly service, Chukanut works toward promoting sustainability within the community. Chuckanut supports a large number of organizations in town, assuring that you can have a beer for a good cause!

Kulshan Brewing Company, Wander Brewing, and Aslan Brewing Company are all hugely popular among the community as well. Kulshan Brewing Company, located on James Street, has grown in popularity so much that they recently opened a second location. Known as K2, the brewery is located on Kentucky Street and is complete with a tasting room. Check it out when you can!

Aslan and Wander both opened in 2014 and have quickly become great successes in the community. All beer at Aslan is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture–something that is definitely a positive for Bellingham. In its short year of life, Wander Brewing has easily become one of the most popular breweries in town. The unique logo and bold wording is a familiar sight around Bellingham, even in the grocery store!

The great news? Bellingham and Whatcom County are about to become the happy homes of even more breweries. At a date to be announced, the historic community of Fairhaven will be getting its very first brewery. Stones Throw will be located at Larrabee Avenue between the beautiful Bellingham Bay and the Interurban Trail. The community of Fairhaven is happy to welcome its first brewery!

There are a few more breweries to look forward to, with dates to be announced. Bellingham Beer Lab, Gruff Brewing, Structures Brewing, and Subdued Brewing are all coming to the area very soon. We are so lucky to live in a place with so many different passions. Head to one of our awesome breweries after a long, beautiful hike. Bellingham has everything to offer!