Bellingham York

YorkThe York District is a classic. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Bellingham, it boasts quality homes, mature landscaping, and a tight-knit community. Located just east of Downtown, its nearly 3,000 residents enjoy the most unique parts of Bellingham. The neighborhood dates back to the late 1890s, with most of the homes being built in the early 20th century. As a result, much of the architecture in the York District has strong Victorian influences.

Though you will undoubtedly find structures created in the last few decades, the neighborhood maintains its distinctive, historical atmosphere. Businesses are scattered throughout the York District, though most lie on the border between this neighborhood and Downtown Bellingham. Unlike many of the newer areas in Bellingham, the York District boasts largely local and community-oriented businesses. Restaurants, bakeries, and offices can all be found in the neighborhood, and grocery stores, music shops, and cafes are within close proximity. Though desirable enough to draw residents from all over the Bellingham area, companies in the York District focus on serving their immediate community.

Due to their historical nature, lots in the area tend to be a bit smaller than other neighborhoods in Bellingham. However, residents can easily find space to toss a frisbee or soak up some sun at Rock Hill Park or Franklin Park. It is also just a quick stroll out of the neighborhood to Sehome Arboretum and Western Washington University (WWU). The university is just south of the neighborhood, allowing residents easy access to all that the school offers. Residents can roam up to campus any day of the week to enjoy concerts, art shows, distinguished speakers, and the hundreds of other activities WWU offers. Some students choose to live in the York District because of its charm and short distance to campus, thus drawing many multi-family housing builders to the area. However, unlike neighborhoods closer to WWU, a majority of residents in the York District are homeowners.

Quick access to I-5, downtown, and common employers draw many Bellingham residents to the neighborhood, and the safe, quiet setting make it a perfect place to raise a family. Buyers who are interested in starting out in the neighborhood can easily find affordable apartments or condominiums, and then move a block away into their dream home shortly thereafter. The York District is perfect for those who want to own their own house but experience all the luxuries of Downtown Bellingham.

To learn more about the York Neighborhood, visit the York Neighborhood Association.