Bellingham Whatcom Falls

WhatcomFallsThe Whatcom Falls neighborhood combines nature and convenience, solidifying it as one of the best residential neighborhoods in Bellingham. Located on the east side of the city, this low-density area is just a short drive from Downtown and several shopping centers.

Not surprisingly, one of the highlights of the neighborhood is Whatcom Falls. Whatcom Creek rushes through the 241-acre Whatcom Falls Park and tumbles over rocks, spraying water at walkers and roaring so loudly you can follow the noise from the parking lot to the waterfall. During the spring and summer, young people can be found jumping off the cliffs into the deep creek pools below.

The park also includes miles of winding trails that are popular with runners, hikers, and dog-walkers. Some curve through Whatcom Falls Park, while others connect to different parts of the city such as Bloedel-Donovan Park, Alabama Hill, and the Civic Field Complex. Other features of the park include a fishing pond for children under 12-years-old, covered picnic areas, open fields, tennis courts, and a fish hatchery.

Next to Whatcom Falls Park is Bayview Cemetery. Created over a century ago, the old oaks, maples, and the general nature of the cemetery help maintain the quiet calm of the neighborhood. Bayview Cemetery, Whatcom Falls Park, and Kulshan Middle School – all publicly owned land – make up over a third of the Whatcom Falls neighborhood.

Most of the residential neighborhoods are located south of Lakeway Drive. Constructed largely in the 1950s and 1960s, lot sizes here tend to be slightly larger than in the newer areas of Bellingham. The bigger backyards, mature landscaping, and cul-de-sacs make Whatcom Falls perfect for raising a family. Some homes are even lucky enough to have a creek running directly through the backyard, bringing nature directly to the residents.

The area’s only commercial section consists of the popular Lafeen’s Donuts and Ice Cream, Da Vinci’s Classic Subs, and a gas station. Most grocery shopping is done at Fred Meyer located just two minutes down Lakeway Drive, and clothing stores, restaurants, and other services aren’t much further. If, for some reason, a person needs to leave the Whatcom Falls neighborhood, the I-5 on-ramp is also directly off of Lakeway Avenue.

Visit the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood Association website.

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