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SouthBellinghamThe South neighborhood of Bellingham is characterized by space. Located between Edgemoor and Samish, South Bellingham shares the respect for nature and convenience to Fairhaven that its neighbors represent.

One of the most notable features in South Bellingham is Fairhaven Park. Located just below the Old Fairhaven District, it brings visitors from throughout the area to play tennis, walk the gravel trails (appropriate for wheelchairs), watch salmon spawning in Padden Creek, or have a crazy afternoon in the kiddie pool. The covered picnic areas and large, open fields make it an ideal destination for group outings.

In the center of the South neighborhood lies Arroyo Park, nearly forty acres of dense forest. The park is perfect for hiking or fishing along Chuckanut Creek, or just bringing the family to take in the flora and fauna that the front yard just can’t provide.

South Bellingham shares some of the Chuckanut tideland coastal beaches with the Edgemoor neighborhood. This area offers incredible views of Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands, as well as direct contact with the tideland wildlife. As with much of the South neighborhood, this area is largely protected or undeveloped.

Another interesting part of South Bellingham (and the town in general) is the ever-popular interurban trail. Beginning at Fairhaven Park and extending six miles along Chuckanut Mountain, walkers, runners, and bikers get to see a beautiful variety of Northwest plants and animals. Explorers can venture onto other trails that lead to the Oyster Dome, Fragrance Lake, or Pine & Cedar Lakes, to name a few.

Just far enough from Western Washington University to not yet attract students, the South neighborhood is one of the quietest and most spacious areas in Bellingham. Builders have yet to discover the room for single-family house neighborhoods or the multi-family housing zones. As a result, buyers have options for historic homes near Happy Valley, fairly recent developments off Old Fairhaven Parkway, and plenty of available land.

To learn more about the South neighborhood or to search for Bellingham WA Real Estate, contact the Home4Investment real estate team or visit the South Neighborhood Association.

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