Bellingham Silver Beach

SilverBeachSilver Beach is as lovely as it sounds. On the northern shore of Lake Whatcom and the eastern edge of Bellingham, the area is predominantly made up of lavish homes with the affordable gem scattered here and there.

Lake Whatcom is an integral part not only of Silver Beach, but the entire City of Bellingham. It provides the town with drinking water, recreation, and a highly valued piece of nature. At over 12 miles long, much of it is still wild. Boaters, kayakers, and hikers have access to even the least-explored areas of Lake Whatcom. Recently, the City of Bellingham has taken steps to clean up Lake Whatcom. Though some goals may take decades to achieve, Silver Beach will be one of many neighborhoods benefiting from the actions.

Bloedel-Donovan Park, located on the east side of Lake Whatcom, can keep visitors entertained from dawn to dusk (though you may have to swat a mosquito or two during those later hours). On hot days, the 20-acre park is filled with sunbathers, swimmers, and watersport enthusiasts. Throughout the year, Bellingham residents trek to Silver Beach to relax or walk their dog at Bloedel Donovan Park.

Just across the street at Whatcom Creek, miles of trails await runners, walkers, or park-goers who simply want to stroll from Bloedel-Donovan to Whatcom Falls. Bird watchers can take advantage of Scudder Pond, a preserved wetland that is always bustling with wildlife. Some backyards are simply a gate away from this wildlife, essentially having an entire park behind the house.

Though only 2.5 acres, Big Rock Garden Park showcases unique sculptures in a natural setting. The nearby Silver Beach Elementary School, originated in 1912 and remodeled in 1992, fits in with the unique and natural environment the other public spaces embody.

No significant commercial zones exist in Silver Beach, but the popular Barkley Village is just a short drive away. A quick, breathtaking view down Alabama Hill will also lead to shopping, restaurants, and the more urban part of Bellingham.

The Silver Beach neighborhood boasts some of the only affordable lakefront homes in the area. Condominiums are available in the northeast area of Lake Whatcom, perfect for those who want the perfect summer getaway. Other neighborhoods generally consist of larger, well-maintained single-family homes, though a few southern areas are zoned for multi-family housing. Throughout Silver Beach, residents live a quiet, comfortable life, with the great City of Bellingham at their fingertips.

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