Bellingham Samish

SamishThe Samish neighborhood is perfect for runners, shoppers, commuters, and everyone in between. With acres of parks and undeveloped space as well as quick access to I-5 and shopping, Samish can accommodate every lifestyle.

Forty percent of the Samish neighborhood consists of Lake Padden Park. This park, aptly named after the 152-acre Lake Padden, has everything a park should have and more. Motorized boats are banned from the trout-stocked lake, keeping the lake clean and giving shore, dock, and rowboat fishers a chance. Kids, adults, and dogs can be found swimming in several areas of the lake. (Long-distance swimmers frequently swim across the entire lake!)

The water is just the beginning, however. One main 2.6 mile trail circles the lake (that happens to be a tenth of a marathon, in case you’d like to start training), and horse, hiking, and mountain biking trails literally stray off the beaten path. You can follow these for miles, often catching incredible views of Bellingham Bay, and still remain within city limits.

Dogs in the Samish neighborhood are happier than dogs anywhere else in town. Lake Padden has a fenced off area created specifically for canines to mingle off their leashes. They are also welcome to stroll around the lake with their owners. Humans can get their share of recreation at Padden, too. Tennis courts, softball fields, public picnic areas, and an entire golf course are always open to the public. For residents of the Samish neighborhood, it’s like having paradise in your backyard.

While this sounds like an isolated haven, Samish is just minutes away from shopping centers. Sehome Village is particularly popular, containing Haggen, REI, Starbucks, and dozens of other shops. Samish is also just a short drive down Old Fairhaven Parkway to – you guessed it – Old Fairhaven. Both of these centers connect to I-5, creating a commute that is much easier for those in the Samish neighborhood.

Nearly all of the homes in Samish are single-family houses. Many of these are on large – even enormous – lots, some of the few left in Bellingham. Houses range from small to large, and affordable to more expensive. Some even have majestic views of Bellingham Bay and the Canadian Cascades.

Besides room to roam and a diverse selection, the Samish neighborhood also offers the feeling of privacy not found in any other area of Bellingham. Unlike rural areas of the state, however, this privacy does not come at the cost of convenience.

To learn more about the Samish neighborhood or search for Bellingham WA Real Estate, contact the Home4Investment real estate team or visit the Samish Neighborhood Association website.

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