Bellingham Puget

PugetPuget may be the place to live if you don’t want to leave your neighborhood for anything. With stores, services, jobs, schools, and homes, the Puget neighborhood provides residents with everything they need. (Of course, it’s also next to I-5, just in case you need to leave the area for some strange reason.)

Puget and Toledo Hills provide great views of Bellingham Bay, the Canadian Cascades, and the rest of town. Most of this area is already developed with single-family houses on medium sized lots. These are desirable homes, as they are well-landscaped and maintained.

Other areas of the Puget neighborhood contain both single-family homes and multi-family complexes, all ranging in size and quality. When the Western Washington University Park and Ride moved to its current Lincoln Street spot, more and more apartment complexes popped up in the area. While this area has more WWU students than others in the Puget neighborhood, its residents are still quite diverse. Units of every sort are popping up to accommodate the growing population (already the third largest in Bellingham).

Retailers and other services do well in the Puget neighborhood. Fred Meyer is always busy, as is the popular frozen yogurt shop Menchie’s. In addition to these, video stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and even a day spa have regular business, providing both jobs and service to Puget residents and visitors.

The Civic Athletic Complex, located off of Lakeway Avenue, is an active spot in town. Civic Stadium hosts the Bellingham United FC soccer games, which always draw a crowd. During the off-season, the city uses the field for other sporting events and festivals. The Bellingham Bells baseball club makes Joe Martin Field their home arena, drawing in over a hundred attendees to each game. The Arne Hanna Aquatic Center’s pools and waterslides are typically open to the public for a small fee, but also offers swimming and scuba lessons, and can be rented out for parties. The Bellingham Sportsplex contains the only ice rink in town, and its indoor soccer league is popular with Bellingham residents.

The Puget neighborhood offers a variety of homes, shopping, and entertainment. To learn even more about this area, contact the Home4Investment Real Estate Team.