Bellingham Downtown

Downtown (1)Downtown Bellingham has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for gourmet food, live music, or just a relaxing afternoon on the waterfront, you’ll find it in downtown Bellingham.

Unlike the downtown areas in other cities, you can find safe and comfortable housing throughout the neighborhood. Condominiums are particularly popular. Purchasing a condominium in downtown Bellingham is not only a wise investment; it also guarantees you a wonderful quality of life. A few high-rises will be built downtown soon, helping Bellingham avoid sprawl and keep the wilderness wild. This means more opportunities for you to live in close proximity to all that downtown Bellingham has to offer.

Downtown Bellingham is paradise for the food-lover. It boasts some of the finest, most elegant dining north of Seattle. At Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant, for example, you can experience their rich Linguine bella Gina or a perfectly cooked New York Steak. If you are in the mood for a quick breakfast on your walk to work, you can grab a bagel at The Bagelry and a hazelnut latte at The Black Drop Coffeehouse. With options of wood fire pizza at La Fiamma, potato burritos at Casa Que Pasa, California rolls at WasaBee Sushi, and dozens of other restaurants, your taste buds will never be bored.

Day and night, downtown Bellingham can keep you entertained. You can spend those mellow afternoons perusing the thousands of used books at Michael’s or Henderson Books. To soak in the beauty of Bellingham Bay, kick back at Zuanich Park, or people-watch all day across the nearby Maritime Heritage Park. The Wild Buffalo and The Shakedown host live music several times a week, and you can keep up on the most important independent films at the Pickford Theater, or educate yourself at the American Museum of Radio.

Downtown Bellingham is not all “play,” though. Businesses of every sort make their home here. Law firms, banks, and newspapers accompany the city and district offices, courthouses, and the popular Bellingham Public Library are all located here. While some choose to commute to downtown Bellingham, many also live here or in nearby neighborhoods and simply walk to work.