Bellingham Neighborhoods

There are 23 distinct, officially recognized neighborhoods in Bellingham, as well as a few outlying areas that have yet to join the official list. Each one has its own character and unique features, but they all share a common thread: every neighbor­hood is inhabited by the people that make Bellingham such a wonderful place to call home.

This guide gives detailed information about each neighborhood, including natural features, housing styles, nearby shopping, schools, parks, and more.

The numbers on the map correspond to the numbered list on the right.

1. Birchwood
2. Cornwall Park
3. Mount Baker
4. Columbia
5. Lettered Streets
6. Sunnyland
7. Roosevelt
8. Alabama Hill
9. Silver Beach
10. Downtown
11. York
12. Puget
13. Whatcom Falls
14. Sehome
15. WWU
16. South Hill
17. Happy Valley
18. Samish
19. Fairhaven
20. Edgemoor
21. South Bellingham
22. Meridian
23. Guide Meridian
25. Sudden Valley