Bellingham Airports

BellinghamAirportThe Bellingham International Airport provides the region with commercial, general aviation, and corporate air transportation needs. The Bellingham airport is located 90 miles north of Seattle which allows for a quick commuter trip to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in a mere 39 minutes. The airport is situated on the north side of the city and is 30 minutes south of the U.S.- Canadian border, 40 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia. But the Bellingham airport is not just any ordinary airport.

Many travelers praise Bellingham’s airport for a professional but laidback atmosphere. Travelers feel refreshed to step onto solid ground and breathe a sigh of relief when welcomed into Bellingham. It is a great change from the usual pandemonium of a larger airport.

Bellingham’s airport accommodates over 800,000 people traveling to the San Juan Islands, across the United States, and internationally every year. The figure, comparably, is what larger airports encounter on a daily basis. The airport has many services that include rental cars, a colorful gift shop, and a taste-bud enticing bistro. The airport provides convenient bus, taxi, and shuttle access. The car rental operators are available right in the terminal, as well as a station for quick hotel reservations. While waiting for your flight, enjoy snacks, coffee beverages, gifts, and other sundries at Halibut Henry’s store. The airport also offers an executive conference room available before or after flights for meetings.

The Bellingham International Airport also offers trade-related services such as a foreign trade zone, customs brokerage, a U.S. Customs international terminal, and proficient aircraft maintenance along with air cargo amenities.

For safe and smooth airport security during your travels, the Port of Bellingham offers several tips to ease the pressure of security. They recommend you arrive early as for heightened airport security measures have increased the time needed to check in. Also make sure you have all your identification ready to show to officials. They also suggest you always cooperate when authorities ask to x-ray or search your luggage. Use common sense; authorities say that even joking around about bombs or terrorism will lead to investigation and ultimately delay your flight.

Previously, the Bellingham International Airport was home to The Heritage Flight Museum, a private, non-profit aircraft museum. The museum moved nearby to the Skagit Regional Airport, about 20 minutes south of Bellingham. The Heritage Flight Museum was established by the Anders family. Their mission is to help the public understand and appreciate the contribution of military aircraft in the history of aviation. The airport’s museum displays US Army Air Corps and US Air Force vintage “Warbirds.” These include fighter, trainers, and liaison aircraft. The museum educates the public about pilots, our flight heritage, national security, and American freedom. The Anders family is currently looking into relocating to build a more permanent aviation museum.

Bellingham International Airport is unique in many ways. From the quirky Halibut Henry’s store to the friendly and efficient service, it is obvious that Bellingham’s airport offers more than a great flight.